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Charleroi : hospitality comes naturally

Charleroi : hospitality comes naturally

In Charleroi, nature is a prerogative

Covering a surface of 10.207 hectares, Charleroi despite its urban character, has an important natural heritage where parks, arboretums and gardens skirt with wild green states provided from the industrial past : the range of slag-heaps is now a major element of the escape and a tourist asset.
On 1000 hectares of semi-natural spaces, an ecological network with animal life and flora take places through a hundred old mining sites. All these are linked with deconsecrated railroad or towpaths.

A city shaped for a new economic future

Formerly mining town, Charleroi continues to live at the rhythm of her traditional
industry. Glassmakers, metallurgists keep an important place. The graphic industry through the comic strips and the Dupuis editions is worldwide well known. Today, with the help of Europe, the future of the city is expressed in other economic sectors as: Technologies of information, bio-molecular research, corporate services, MICE industry.
Exploiting contrasts, proud of an heritage marked by the industrial era, Charleroi plays the double card of the restoration of its urban centre and a futuristic development in its suburb.

Sports, culture and warm welcome

With new infrastructures, measuring up to its eventing ambitions,
it is on the highest level that Charleroi decided to manage a sporting reputation On the cultural level, Charleroi is worth the turning. Each year, the city is the seat of prestigious exposures and welcomes many spectacles.
At the court of a proud area of its inventive gastronomy and authenticates, capital social of Wallonia where life is pleasant , Charleroi is well known for the warm of his welcome …
A quality we meet again in touristic programs,stores and restaurants, a feature of nature inherited from the melting pot result of the immigration.

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