Charleroi Espace Meeting Européen
Gilleman C. / Frola G.

Gilleman C. / Frola G.

29/05 - 26/06 2009


This picture is a composition of two respective pieces of work. On the left, the moon photographed by Gerard Frola, on the right, the detail of a graphic piece of work by Caroline Gilleman.
There, where artifice is transformed into nature or nature is transformed into artifice, two artists meet, their visions cross, their worlds answer each other. We have decided to dare the parallel through a joint exhibition.

GARARD FROLA Visit of Gerard Frola site: clic

Contact Caroline Gilleman : 0485 50 64 54

During the Opening Cocktail at 20.00H: sound performance by Gerard Frola and sculpture performance by Caroline Gilleman.